Submissions Show and Tell

Tell us your story for our Show and Tell feature. Our aim is to inspire and encourage our readers to create their own cosy corners/rooms, where they too can enjoy the sweet things in life.

Want to showcase your kitchen/cosy cooking corner/cost little office? A place where you enjoy the sweet things in life such as a favourite chair in your favourite corner of the house, where you while away a well earned coffee break perusing cook books for inspiration. A cosy office space, filled with shelves and potted plant that instil an air of peace and tranquility. We want to hear from you.

It doesn’t need to be a new build, neither does it have to be large and fancy. We love vintage and well loved corners of your house, kitchen or office. A sweet place to be.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before sending in your submissions.

Please send in your submissions to Sucré Kitchen  with the following information.

  • Subject header Show and Tell
  • Your name:
  • Location: Town/County/Country
  • Website/blog url: If you have one.
  • Age of the house:
  • When the kitchen/cosy corner/office space was built:
  • Description in a minimum of 300 words
  • Images: 2 – 4 images for us to choose from. Minimum of 1000 pixels. Higher is better. Anything less and we may not be able to use, due to pixilation when enlarged and viewed.
  • Confirmation that you have read our Terms and Conditions.


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