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A magazine on the web with articles, features, recipes and more.


Initially founded in September 2016, by Lynn Hill in collaboration with Courtyard Media and Bethan Vincent, as a free downloadable digital magazine – scroll down to get your free copy of this edition. But it soon became clear that the best place for such a popular download was to have its own website. So in January 2017 the website was launched by Lynn Hill, as the companion website to the Clandestine Cake Club. Also founded by Lynn Hill.

As the website grows, so too will the contributing authors.


The sweet things in life don’t have to be about the sugar (Sucré) in your coffee or a slice of cake with your tea. It can be anything from the sights and smells of the early morning dew on a Spring morning or the feel of the summer sun on your face warming your heart and sole as you emerge from the darkness and cabin fever of the long winter months. It can also be a lucky find in a charity shop, store or online, an item or purchase, a recipe, article or review, that helps to makes your life that little bit easier and sweeter.


To inspire and help everyone enjoy the sweet things in life.


Free to download.

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