New and Old design in a Kitchen in Columbia, South Carolina

Image credit Nikki Dennis

Name: Nikki Dennis

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Size: 19′ x 13′ Pantry: 6′

I have a love for baking and love sharing this with my children. I have had the opportunity to live in America (Florida), England (Downham Market), and Japan (Okinawa). And now I am living back in America in Columbia, South Carolina.

We recently moved from Okinawa to Columbia. We wanted a house to settle into when we arrived so we did the entire house buying via the Internet. We did not step foot into our new house until after we bought it!! But we did a lot of research. One of my top priorities for this house was… it must have a good kitchen. My kitchen measures about 19 feet long by 13 feet wide, with a 6-foot walk in pantry. I love the openness of it. Our household goods were in transit from Japan so we thought we would get a head start and get the kitchen and lounge painted. But we had a little set back…

Image credit Nikki Dennis

We had a pipe burst in the master bathroom and flood in our house. Water leaked down from the second floor through the ceiling into my kitchen and lounge! We had to rip up the flooring and the ceiling. It was a huge mess. So much for settling in right away…


But after a month long process of putting everything back together, the house looks better than before.

I chose to paint my kitchen grey. I love to incorporate new and old in my design. I was thankful that my in-laws had a wonderful antique bookshelf perfect for displaying my cookbooks and trinkets from around the world, and a vintage kitchen scale in red, a perfect addition to my workspace. But my favorite piece is my Kitchenaid mixer (a gift from my husband 6 years ago). I also wanted a kitchen island for more storage and to have a place to eat, bake, and talk with the kids while we are in the kitchen. I absolutely love my kitchen.


Image credit Nikki Dennis

Finally after a month of mess and stress life was getting back to normal; it was finally time to bake. First up were blueberry muffins for my son’s classroom snack. Then it was time to really test out the new oven… I made a classic pound cake. I prepared it as the recipe stated and I took it out if the oven and it looked great and smelled great also. A trick to a perfect pound cake with a crispy top is to not open the oven at all during the baking process, so just peek through the oven window at it. The cake cooled and later that night I was able to share it with my grandparents, kids and husband. It was a wonderful weekend, sweetened with delicious pound cake.

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